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The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Meteorology provides a practical understanding of the physics and dynamics of the atmosphere and prepares the graduate for a range of meteorologist positions in government or industry

Monsoon storm over Prescott, Arizona

(Photo by student, Dan Willard)

Students use a state-of-the-art Weather Center and computer-equipped classrooms to understand and forecast complex atmospheric phenomena ranging from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, to cyclones, fronts and jet streams, to global climate and how it is changing. Emphasis is placed on applying theory to operational weather forecasting and decision making for weather-sensitive industries, including possible hands-on experience as a meteorology intern.


New Academic Complex on the Arizona campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University houses the state-of-the-art weather center, weather radar and roof-top equipment


The program prepares graduating students for possible careers as meteorologists with the government, military, television or the private sector, or for graduate studies toward a career in research. It meets all the requirements for undergraduate study in meteorology recommended by the American Meteorological Society, the National Weather Service and the US Air Force

Weather forecaster at work

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