Dr. Mark R. Sinclair

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Meteorology

College of Aviation,

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

3700 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301


Phone: (928) 777-3842 

Ph.D., 1985, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 

My Resume and publication list

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the broad field of synoptic meteorology. Recent and current work has included classification and lifecycles of extratropical cyclones, storm track climatology, variability and greenhouse-induced changes, extratropical transition of southwest Pacific tropical cyclones and orographic precipitation processes. I also have an ongoing interest in Southern Hemisphere and Antarctic meteorology.

Selected Recent Publications

Sinclair, M.R., 2004: Extratropical transition of southwest Pacific tropical cyclones. Part II: Midlatitude circulation characteristics. Monthly Weather Review, 130, 590-609.


Sinclair, M.R., 2002: Extratropical transition of southwest Pacific tropical cyclones. Part I: Climatology and mean structure changes. Monthly Weather Review, 130, 590-609.


Jones, S, Harr, P, Abraham, Bosart, L.F., Bowyer, Evans, J.L., Hanley, D.E., Hanstrum, B.N., Hart, R.E., Lalaurette, F., Sinclair, M.R., Smith, R. and Thorncroft, C., 2003: The extratropical transition of tropical cyclones: forecast challenges, current understanding and future directions. Weather and Forecasting. 18, 16-56.

Sinclair, M.R., and M.J. Revell, 2000: Classification and Composite Diagnosis of Extratropical Cyclogenesis in the Southwest Pacific. Monthly Weather Review, 128, 1089-1105. 

Sinclair, M.R., and I.G. Watterson, 1999: Objective assessment of extratropical weather systems in simulated climates. Journal of Climate, 12, 3467-3485. 

Sinclair, M.R., 1997: Objective identification of cyclones and their circulation intensity, and climatology. Weather and Forecasting, 12, 591-608. 

Sinclair, M.R., D.S. Wratt, R. Henderson and W.R. Gray, 1997. Factors affecting the distribution and spillover of precipitation in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – a case study. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 36, 428-442. 

Sinclair, M.R., J.A. Renwick, and J.W. Kidson, 1997: Intraseasonal variability of MSL pressure, cyclone and anticyclone tracks in the Southern Hemisphere. Monthly Weather Review, 125, 2531-2543. 

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